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MMS기반의 산업용 IoT 플랫폼 설계 및 구현
By : Heamin
Date : 2015-12-18
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The MMS(Manufacturing Message Specification) is an international standard of application layer in MAP(Manufacturing Automaton Protocol). It supports information exchange and data process between industrial robots, PLCs(Programmable Logic Controllers) and control systems. In other words, it is application which control devices made by different factory using identical standard messages. Moreover, it is able to do software development, change and maintenance without considering different standard. However, MMS can control one machine using one message without investigating an address. If multiple machines are controlled by a same control command, the destination addresses would be modified in header and the messages would be sent several times. In addition, because MMS standard was not developed to support IoT technology, it is impossible to design an IoT platform using only MMS. For those kinds of reasons, this paper suggests industrial IoT platform based on MoM (MMS_over_MQTT) protocol supporting MMS which has been applied in several industrial applications. To demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed standard in the practical circumstances, we implement MoM on Intel Edison board to make IoT based communication between boards. The simulation results using MATLAB show performance of suggested industrial IoT platform in terms of end-to-end delay according to inter-arrival rate, the number of TOPIC ID, the possession time of message and QoS.
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