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Nita, "Faulty Node Detection Scheme for WirelessHART using n-Bits BCH Code"
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Date : 2020-01-16
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1. However, this proposed is still inappropriate to be implemented in Industrial4.0, which applies a close-loop system, since a set of tools and technology gathered in one interconnected system.
2. So, the amount of the CRC code will be detail and accuracy to detect node failure.
3. Complete messages sent, including those with redundant bits denoted by 𝑃(𝑥).
4. A representative from Fig. 3.2, in every slave node, will encode BCH code generator, which node one will then take the first bit of BCHcode and combined with the payload, while the second bit of BCH code is taken by node two and also combined with the payload, and the process will run until all the nodes get all parts of the BCH code.
5. The simulation using CRC as a parameter with zero, one, two, and three additional BCH codes.

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