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Kevin, "Dual Fieldbus Industrial IoT Networks using Edge Server Architecture"
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Date : 2020-01-17
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Ref: MFGLET_2019_145
Title: Dual Fieldbus Industrial IoT Networks using Edge Server Architecture
Journal: Manufacturing Letters

Dear Professor. Kim,

Thank you for submitting your manuscript to Manufacturing Letters.

I have completed my evaluation of your manuscript. The reviewers recommend reconsideration of your manuscript following revision. I invite you to resubmit your manuscript after addressing the comments below.

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Editor and Reviewer Comments:
-Reviewer 1


This letter comes in an interesting topic of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The letter introduces a dual fieldbus communication for edge computing based IIoT. I recommend major revisions for the letter and i have the following comments.

1- The main contributions and novelty of the proposed work should be clearly presented at the end of the first section.

2- A paragraph introducing edge computing, including main features, should be added in the introduction part.

3- It is recommended to add a mathematical model for the proposed system for better introduction and evaluation.

4- In the simulation part, the simulation or experimental environment is not included. Authors should clearly indicate whether the proposed scheme in fig.1 and 2 is simulated or experimentally evaluated. Furthermore, the simulation/experimental environment and the experiment set up should be added.