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Riesa Krisna Astuti Sakir, Sanjay Bhardwaj, and Dong-Seong Kim, "Enhanced Faulty Node Detection with Interval Weighting Factor for Distributed Systems", Journal of Communication and Networks, 2020, (Minor Revision).
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Date : 2020-09-16
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Dear Prof. Kim:

Manuscript ID JCN19-DIV1-020.R1 entitled "Enhanced Faulty Node Detection with Interval Weighting Factor for Distributed Systems" which you submitted to the Journal of Communications and Networks, has been reviewed. The comments of the reviewer(s) are included at the bottom of this letter.

The reviewer(s) have recommended publication, but also suggest some minor revisions to your manuscript. Therefore, I invite you to respond to the reviewer(s)' comments and revise your manuscript.

Reviewer(s)' Comments to Author:

Reviewer: 1

Comments to the Author
The reviewer considered the response document, the revision of the paper addressed almost most technical issues of the paper. However, I strongly suggest the authors review the paper again since it still has editorial issues. The negative error justification for Fig.4 doesn't seem valid. Please re-define the negative value for the error function.

Reviewer: 2

Comments to the Author
This paper is about faulty node detection with an interval weighting factor for distributed systems. The weighting factor is used to declare the suspected node at the time of the received error positions. A BCH code that has inserted into the CRC code in the master node is used to detect the error position. In general, the subject of this paper is good, but there are some problems that should be considered:

1) Grammatically, the text is written in a hurry and has many mistakes. For example, in Section IV they say, "Therefore, the nodes and channel performance were combine via the BCH and CRC codes to produced raw data." that should be "...were combined..."
or, in sub-section of 'Raw Data Analysis' they say, "Moreover, the raw data analysis involves basic evaluation the statistical characteristics of the raw data. The suspected node is conclude while the interval", while should be "... evaluation of the statistical.... The suspected node is concluded while ...". There more cases like these 3 examples which are grammatically wrong.

2) I have some concerns about sub-section 'B. Filtering phase'; First, please explain why you need a high pass filter! Second, h(t) as it is written in equation (4) is not the Inverse Fourier Transform of the H(w) that they defined! It'll be unit-impulse(t)-sin(Wn.t)/(pi.t), and it cannot definitely depend on the center position of the sampling data! Please clear this part about designing the HPF.