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Agi Prasetiadi, Dong-Seong Kim, "Male-Silkmoth Inspired Routing Algorithm for Wireless Mesh Networks", International Conference on ICT Convergence, pp. 398-403, Jeju Island, October 2012. (N1&N2)
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Date : 2015-07-17
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This paper proposes a bio-inspired routing algorithm for mesh wireless networks. The proposed algorithm is adapted from the flying technique of insects, especially the male domesticated silkmoth, Bombyx mori. The algorithm consists of two parts: a shortest-path algorithm and a zigzag-path algorithm. First, a usual shortest-path algorithm is employed to transmit data. After a certain number of hops, the zigzag-path algorithm, which is based on the movement of the male B. mori, is applied. In order to adapt biological behavior to wireless networks, we use a mesh topology for implementing the algorithm. Simulation results show the improved performance of a zigzag path under certain conditions.