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뵿, Le Anh Minh, 赿, " ý CAN Bus ǽð ޽ 층 ", pp.9-10, Information and Control Systems Symposium (ICS), Chung Ang University, Seoul, 2014. (N1&N2)
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Date : 2014-04-18
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Abstract - This paper proposes a novel algorithm for handling real-time message scheduling on CAN bus which consider buffer occupancy and message type (alarm, periodic real-time and non-real-time). This algorithm is derived to reduce burden of the distributed control unit (DCU) which have obligation to deliver message within strict time and also manage buffer storage occupancy. The algorithm changes the message priority in the identifier field of message frame. The priority adjustment is performed by online calculation prior to send the message on the CAN bus. Finally, this proposed algorithm is applied on large-scaled ship engine systems which consist of certain number of DCUs. In this networked control system, the proposed algorithm can decrease message drop. Furthermore, the important message alarm and periodic real-time message can be delivered within the deadline.