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T. M. Phuong, D.-S. Kim, "Efficient Power Control Scheme for Cognitive Industrial Sensor Networks", International Journal of Control and Automation (ISSN: 2005-4297), vol. 7, no. 3, pp. 177-188, 2014. (N1) (A)
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Date : 2016-05-04
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Traditional distributed power control algorithms in cognitive radio networks are based on the assumption of perfect channel estimation which can lead to performance degradation in practical system. Cognitive radio sensor network (CRSN) has emerged as a promising solution to address the spectrum-related challenges of wireless sensor networks (WSN). Moreover, cognitive radio (CR) gives us a possibility to maximize the utilization efficiency of limited spectrum resources. However, because the wireless devices coexist in the same radio environment, there are harmful channel conflicts among users. First at all, this paper presents a practical model of cumulative interferences from the entire cognitive radio based industrial wireless sensor networks (CR-IWSN). Then, based on the interference model, we propose an intelligent power control scheme to address the communication requirements. The simulation results show that the proposed distributed power control scheme can efficiently increase the energy efficiencies as well as the throughput of the CR-IWSN compared with the existing protocols.

Available online: http://article.nadiapub.com/IJCA/vol7_no3/17.pdf
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