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63  [WISET] Meeting with team members 2018.08.30
62  [WISET] Meeting with team members 2018.08.23
61  [WISET] Meeting with team members 2018.08.13
60  [WISET] Meeting with team members 2018.08.01
59  [WISET] Meeting with team members 2018.07.05
58  [WISET] Meeting with team members 2018.05.10
57  [WISET] Meeting with team members 2018.05.03
56  Demonstration of implemented application
55  LINC+_2017.08.04 Meeting with prof.Lim
54  How to make the application using fitbit band
53  TableView_Converted view
52  TableView_tablecell
51  TableView_View which contain the tableview
50  Design and development of intelligent mobile application for diabetic patients
49  Changed application design using Fitbit band
48  171122_Final Demonstration of app
47  Tizen OS Guide and Tutorial
46  Second design of smart watch project with NUC,LINC+
45  First design of smart watch project with NUC,LINC+
44  Proposal of smart watch project with NUC,LINC+
43  Final GUI of implemented Application
42  WC300_2017.09.18 Meeting with NUC
41  LINC+_2017.09.18 Meeting with NUC
40  LINC+_2017.08.07 Meeting with NUC
39  LINC+_2017.08.04 Meeting with NUC
38  WC300_2017.08.07 Meeting with NUC
37  WC300_2017.08.04 Meeting with NUC
36  170807_Demonstration of app.
35  WC300_2017.07.17 Meeting with NUC
34  To receive recipe information from server
33  Bar code for melting function
32  NUC Application Temp.
31  A tap of maintain
30  About Bluetooth data process
29  About Bluetooth connection
28  NUC Application Structure
27  WC300_2017.04.17 Meeting with NUC
26  1st Development contents
25  NUC project Overview
24  Documentation and Simulation of Rabbitmq by AMQP
23  Introduction of AMQP-26-06-2016
22  Demo Video
21  Overview ICT Project - Crankshaft Deflection Gauge
20  GUI icon for Cylinder test Screen
19  Logo for Cylinder Test screen
18  Logo for application
17  [Updapte 2] Result screen
16  Final Design GUI
15  [Update 1] Result screen
14  Connect with nearby Bluetooth device by using default API Android Bluetooth
13  Result screen
12  Test remote battery device
11  Demo for Cylinder test screen
10  Scan multiple Bluetooth device and get the remote MAC address devices
9  Click function for list of devices
8  Scanning and connecting with Bluetooth Device by using Designed GUI
7  CrankShaft Deflection Gauge Class Diagram
6  CrankShaft Deflection Gauge Project Detail Progress
5  Connecting and transfering data between Measutal device and PC
4  Dividing the tasks and update the status of project
3  CrankShaft Deflection Gauge Project Detail Progress
2  CrankShaft Deflection Gauge Project Detail Progress
1  CrankShaft Deflection Gauge Project Detail Progress