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Recruiting Prospective Foreign Students
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Date : 2012-12-08
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We are recruiting graduate students (M.S and Ph.D) who are interested in networked control systems, Industrial/military networks, Real-time systems and Insect inspired IT convergence technology.

Networked Systems Lab.(http://nsl.kumoh.ac.kr) supports international cooperations with other countries to accelerate the international researches. We manage many kind of governmental programs such as a Global IT-talented scholarship program with Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand with 7 promising Korean companies. In addition, any prospective candidates can find the programs at our NSL homepage.

If anyone who really concerns about studying at NSL, we will support their researches and studies through NSL fellowships or governmental scholarship programs in the area of military/industrial networks and bio-inspired IT convergence technology.

Positions for 2013-2014 are available in our laboratory. Please send CV to D.-S. Kim (dskim AT kumoh.ac.kr).

PhD Students
Area : Networked embeded systems, Industrial Networks
Financial support is available, including living expense and tuition fee.

MS Students
Area : Electrical and computer engineering
Financial support is available, including living expense and tuition fee.

Please contact Prof. Kim (dskim@kumoh.ac.kr) for more information.

Prof. Dong-Seong Kim
D-108, School of Electronic Engineering, Kumoh National Inst. of Tech.,
Gumi-si, Gyeongbuk 730-701, S. Korea
Tel: +82-54-478-7471
Email: dskim@kumoh.ac.kr

Networked Systems Lab: http://nsl.kumoh.ac.kr
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