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Williams-Paul and Dong-Seong Kim "Precise–Point–Positioning for Competing–game Drones using Hybrid Cubature+Extended KF", Applied Sciences, 2021, (S).
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Date : 2020-12-02
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In competing-game drones, inherent inaccuracies of the precise-point-positioning (PPP) measurement of the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) have become rampant, hence, necessitating this work. These inaccuracies, occasioned by system drawbacks such as sudden GPS lock, device misalignment constraints, poor detection and communication signals, all lead to PPP computational complexities. To mitigate the inherent PPP complexities, robust and hybrid accurate continuous-discrete (ACD) cubature-extended Kalman filter (C+EKF) methodology for next-generation GNSS integrated system is corroborated. More precisely, time updates to the state and parameter sub-vectors were accomplished using the third-degree spherical-radial cubature rule.

Submitted on 18/May/2021.
(Under review)